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Step inside for stories of mystery and magic.

“…I was literally holding my breath while flying through the pages late into the night.”

—AllBooks Review International

“Unable to put it down from the very first page…”

S. L. Field, Stories of the Thousand Years War

“…plenty of suspense. I rooted for Cory Iverson on every page of the beautifully written novel. Trovillion’s prose is vivid, her equine setting authentic.”

Sasscer Hill, Nikki Latrelle Horse Racing Mysteries
  • Not Your Lucky Day: A Not-Quite-Cozy Mystery (A Murphy’s Law Farm Mystery series, Book 1)
  • A Death of Convenience: A Dual Timeline Haunting Mystery
  • The Banshee Legacy: An Irish Legends Mystery


  • The New Year’s Resolution Revolution

    The New Year’s Resolution Revolution

    As the calendar turns its page to a new year, we are encouraged to embark on a journey of self improvement. Like the saying goes, “New Year, New You.” At the same time, we are admonished to be true to ourselves, to be the real you (whatever that means). How can you do both? Health,...


  • The New Blue Christmas

    The New Blue Christmas

    Dark, gray days slip into the blackest nights. Long nights. Hours stretch on. I only want to slip into flannel pajamas and go to bed soon after dinnertime, around 6PM!. The only thing saving me from becoming a hermit or hibernating bear these winter evenings is the need to check up on my horses at...


  • Book Club at the Barn: Lessons in Chemistry

    Book Club at the Barn: Lessons in Chemistry

    Interspecies Communication Last week my horse, Lucida, colicked. If you aren’t familiar with horses, this is a generic term for a stomachache that can result in a number of outcomes ranging from medical intervention at the barn to having to undergo surgery for an obstruction or twisted bowel. And death. When my mare’s back legs...


  • The Devil’s Luck (A Murphy’s Law Farm Mystery series, Book 2)