cover of The Devil's Luck by L.R. Trovillion

The Devil’s Luck (A Murphy’s Law Farm Mystery series, Book 2)

On the day Pia Murphy is to start training as a private investigator, a dead body is discovered in a horse’s water trough. Then things really get bad.

Pia is finally getting her life back on track with a newly-launched equine therapy business and a budding romance, when the gruesome discovery causes the farm to be shut down. If that’s not bad enough, Detective Jesseaume, the man who “let Pia off” last time, is in charge of the case. And this time he’s determined to get something more than just the truth out of Pia.

With more on her plate than she can handle, she is assigned to investigate suspected insurance fraud at a construction conglomerate. Determined to learn the truth, she goes undercover at the building site of a palatial equine training center that happens to be a close neighbor. But as she delves deeper into the luxurious facade, Pia uncovers a dark underbelly teeming with secrets and deception.

At the same time, her friend and hoped-for love interest, Watkins, inadvertently reveals a truth about the dead body that sends shockwaves through her investigation. Suddenly, she finds herself thrust into a labyrinth of deceit and danger when the identity of the dead body entwines her insurance fraud case with a broader super-secret government inquiry into human trafficking.

With Watkins sworn to secrecy about the government program, Pia is on her own. But as they both delve deeper into their assigned tasks, they realize they’re not just fighting against criminals—they’re up against a deadly shadow from the past. In a world where darkness reigns supreme, can Pia uncover the secrets hidden beneath the surface before it’s too late, or will she become another casualty in a game where the price of failure is measured in blood?

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