Not Your Lucky Day: A Not-Quite-Cozy Mystery (A Murphy’s Law Farm Mystery series, Book 1)

Cover of Not Your Lucky Day by L. R. Trovillion

Putting it all on the line in a deadly high-stakes race, can they cross the finish line before it’s too late?

Olympia “Pia” Murphy was named for champions but feels about as far from a winner as a woman could be. Swindled by her cheating husband and saddled with the broken-down family farm drowning in debt, she’s convinced the only luck she’ll ever have is bad. To make matters worse, she discovers her father’s last wish was for her to rebuild the farm’s horse racing empire with a special mare he gifted her before he died. With no plans and fewer resources, Pia sets out to find the horse she sold years ago, secretly hoping it will change her fate.

Pia’s hope of finding her “lucky” horse hits a roadblock when she encounters a competitor searching for the same mare. The enigmatic Captain Jonah Watkins, a wounded veteran cloaked within the shadowy world of intelligence gathering, is not giving up his secrets or his claim to the horse. At each turn, he thwarts or bests Pia’s every move.

Following the same leads, their paths and personalities collide. But their fierce rivalry is brushed aside when the trail of clues leads to a shady horse “rescue,” a clandestine drug laboratory, and an elusive international criminal with a deadly vendetta. When Pia’s life is threatened and her barn is set ablaze, she and Watkins realize they’ve stumbled upon something more dangerous and sinister than they ever imagined.

Not Your Lucky Day is a gripping tale of regrets, redemption, and second chances, that will have you galloping to the very last page.