The Banshee Legacy: An Irish Legends Mystery

Cover of Banshee Legacy by L. R. Trovillion

Aurnia O’Clery believes in science, facts, and what she can see with her own eyes. And that belief has served her well over the past twenty-seven years. It sealed her off from trusting the airy-fairy tales of enchantment and powerful legends her Irish granddad spun to convince her everything would be all right. Even after her mother’s suicide. After her dad abandoned her.

Growing up on the family’s horse breeding farm she learned life’s lessons the hard way: bad things happen, and the world isn’t fair. Only she secretly wishes it were. Especially when it comes to getting back at the man who took away her last shred of belief in anything good. Just when she thought the world couldn’t hurt her anymore, he manages to rip her heart apart with one final act of cruelty. But in a twist of fate, it appears that someone—or something—hears her prayers for justice and removes him from her life. Permanently.

As strange events continue to unfold, Aurnia is drawn into a mysterious domain where the unseen forces of ancient lore collide with the modern world. She’s forced to grapple with her skepticism and face the reality of a realm far beyond the grasp of science—a world where transcendent spirits play by their own rules.