Horse Gods: The Dressage Rider’s Betrayal

cover of Horse Gods

A half-wild horse, a Celtic legend, and a teen trying to escape…

Regina Hamilton is a teen with a big problem. Her abusive mom is getting out of prison…and Regina is the one who helped put her there.

With only three months to show the courts that she can support herself and avoid being forced back home with her mom, Regina lands a job at an exclusive dressage barn. The stakes are high: make enough to earn her keep or get out.

Struggling for her independence, she befriends an unlikely trio: a handsome but unusual boy who trains hawks, a reclusive professor of Celtic legends, and a half-wild red mare named Roheryn, who happens, by birth, to be a special mare. Celtic legend tells of the magic of such horses, and as unusual visions and happenings start to unfold, Regina’s bond with the mare takes on an almost supernatural quality.

But when barn workers start disappearing, Regina must navigate a dangerous web of lies and deceit. Roheryn shows Regina a violent vision and a few days later, a beloved horse at the dressage barn is attacked. Regina knows the mare is trying to protect her, but will it be enough. Long-held secrets about the imprisonment of Regina’s mother begin to surface and reveal surprising and potentially deadly threats. To save her horse and her life, Regina may have to trust her enemies and betray her friends.

Winner of the 2021 Equus Film and Arts Festival runner-up for Best Equestrian Fiction


I loved how this novel got increasingly more intense to a point where I was literally holding my breath while flying through the pages late into the night. No matter your equestrian experience, this book is a brilliant read for all ages.”

     –The International Review of Books, Gold Badge of Achievement Winner

“Grounded in well-researched details, this fast paced story features danger, horses, a red-tailed hawk, and a bit of Celtic magic. The writing was crisp, the story engaging…Horse Gods delivers.”

     —Karen McGoldrick, author of The Dressage Chronicles

“L. R. Trovillion has done it again with Horse Gods. Readers of all ages will enjoy this story of a young girl with an imprisoned mother, a dangerous secret, and an understandable reluctance to trust even her closest friends. Nothing is going her way from the start and her circumstances worsen as the story builds. There’s intrigue, budding romance, suspense, adventure, and lessons to learned along the way. This is a beautifully written and skillfully developed story that will keep you turning the pages.”

     –Kim Hamilton, author of Accidental Lawyer