FALSE GODS: The Show Jumper’s Challenge

girl hugs gray horse - cover of False Gods by L.R. Trovillion

A rescued horse. A washed-up trainer. A teen reaching for a dream.

Cory Iverson’s junior year is off to a lousy start. Publicly humiliated by the hottest guy in high school and terrorized by a bullying band director, she’s labeled a loser and a quitter. But when her dog leads her to the barn of a former Grand Prix show jumper, Cory’s faded riding dreams are reignited. Teaming up with the farm’s reclusive trainer and a mysterious rescued horse, Cory puts her loser past behind her. But for how long?  And does she dare hope to qualify for one of the country’s most prestigious horse shows?

While Cory gains confidence in the saddle, the rest of her life is falling apart: strange pills appear in her mom’s purse, her ballerina sister wastes away before her eyes, and her boyfriend is keeping secrets. Worst of all, the horse show world she thought was so glamorous proves to be full of danger. It isn’t long before Cory’s winning spree catches the eye of a ruthless competitor who will stop at nothing to win. Trapped in the crosshairs of this vicious criminal, Cory must decide if she’ll once again back down and flee… or stay and stand up for herself, her horse, and her dreams.

False Gods is an uplifting horse story for all ages. If you like feisty heroines who stand up to bullies and stories about the healing power of horses, you’ll love False Gods. Buy the first book in the Maryland Equestrian series today.

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