A Death of Convenience: A Dual Timeline Haunting Mystery

Cover of A Death of Convenience by L. R. Trovillion

One shameful act can haunt you for a lifetime. Or maybe longer…

1928: Socialite Olivia Pumphrey Hunt enjoyed every pleasure the Jazz Age had to offer. So when she’s found dead after a wild party, few are surprised. Except Olivia, when she “awakens” to find her lifeless body splayed open on an autopsy table. Trapped in a silent world between the living and the dead, her unsettled spirit is nonetheless determined to uncover the truth behind her mysterious death. But to do so, she’ll need help. For the medical examiner, Dr. Van der Voort, the graveside exhumation and autopsy of the notorious socialite was supposed to be a routine task he could wash away with carbolic soap and a few fingers of whiskey at the end of the day. But when he opens Olivia’s casket, he realizes this will be no ordinary case.

2018: Deep inside a secure vault, cyber archivist Jude Walker discovers a photo of Olivia that ignites a dangerous curiosity. Troubled by Olivia’s close resemblance to her own dead sister, Jude uncovers bizarre similarities in the lives and deaths of the two women. But digging into Olivia’s cold case could tear open her own family’s dark secrets.

From the dawn of forensic science to the cutting edge of modern technology, three lives intertwine in a quest for answers as well as absolution.