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Quick Write, the AI Writing Tool Taking on ChatGPT: A Review

human shakes hand of robot in laptop
AI Writer’s Helper (image courtesy of Pixabay)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Writing Tools Can’t Replace Human Input– But They Never Intended To

It took a while, but I am probably the last to succumb to the siren call of AI in the form of Open AI’s ChatGPT. I needed to see for myself what all the buzz was about. It is indeed a lot of fun to play with…but it led me to explore other AI writing tools designed specifically for Writers. One of these is the recently created Quick Write. I was thrilled to get a 30-day trial to play with the platform, because it is not readily available for free. So, since I was so lucky, I decided to share my experience and impressions.

What Does Quick Write AI Say About Itself?

For fun, under the “write a blog post” rubric, I asked Quick Write (QW) to write a blog post about itself, without giving it a word limit or any other input. In about 5 seconds, it came up with this:

Quick Write AI is an online tool that is designed to help writers with all types of writing tasks. This tool has an artificial intelligence (AI) powered text editor that assists writers in generating high-quality content quickly.

One of the standout features of Quick Write AI is its ability to adjust its level of assistance based on the writer’s needs. Whether the writer is a novice or an experienced professional, the tool provides suitable support to produce content that is engaging, informative, and well-written. The platform is user-friendly, and writers can easily navigate through the tool with the help of the intuitive interface.

The Quick Write AI tool uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the writer’s text, following which it provides suggestions for text improvement, grammatical corrections, and more. The platform is equipped with an intelligent auto-correct feature that suggests changes when a mistake is detected in the text. The tool can also help with creating outlines, generating ideas, and finding new angles to approach a topic.

Furthermore, the tool’s advanced plagiarism checker ensures that produced content is original and unique. This feature is especially useful for writers who work on research-based projects or who need to ensure complete originality in their work.

Another essential feature of Quick Write AI is its ability to integrate with other writing tools such as Google Docs, WordPress, and Microsoft Word. With this integration, writers can easily transfer their content and edit it using the platform’s advanced AI capabilities. The platform also comes with a browser extension that can be used to provide quick writing support and suggestions while working on web pages.

Quick Write AI’s team has presented several use cases of the tool, such as writing blog posts, news articles, product descriptions, and more. The tool even provides formatting suggestions that are customized to the intended content type. This ensures that the produced content is easy to read and visually appealing.

The pricing model of Quick Write AI follows a pay-per-use system. Users can subscribe to a plan that fits their budget and access the tool’s advanced AI features, including in-depth suggestions and unlimited revisions. Customers can also avail a free trial of a specific number of words before committing to a subscription.

In conclusion, Quick Write AI is an excellent tool for writers who need quick and reliable writing assistance. With its powerful AI-powered text editor and advanced features, the tool can expedite the writing process and assist in producing high-quality content. Its versatility and ease of use make it ideal for all types of writing tasks, from blog posts to academic papers. The pricing model is budget-friendly, and users can extensively test the tool for free before subscribing to it. Overall, Quick Write AI is a highly recommended tool for writers looking to perfect their craft

Okay, that might not be such a fair example because it knows itself! But I have run other blog topic ideas past it—some quite esoteric in nature– with respectable results.

How is Quick Write Different from ChatGPT and Is It Safe?

I asked the owner/developer, CJ McDaniel, a few questions pertaining to QW’s underlying AI engines and expressed some security concern. He immediately wrote back to address my concerns by explaining QW uses four underlying AI engines that are used for different types of tasks as well as two systems they built for adding functionality and filtering. The QW team has spent a lot of time trying to keep the system closed for security reasons. It is probably best to read the explanation in his own words:

  • Your information is never seen by any outside system, our server acts as the proxy without sharing any of your personal information. They will not have access to your identity, location, computer IP, or other personal information. This means there is no risk of malware or other hacking schemes.

    • Your written content never gets fed back into any language model to be used for learning. Many companies use entered information to further train their language models, but we have secured against this because we believe in protecting authors and their content.

    • The text you enter to request content from QuickWrite may be seen by our AI vendors but we have contracts with them that stipulate this information cannot be used to create other content or train language models. It is also stipulated that even the minimal text prompts that they do receive must be held in secure servers and cannot be held for longer than 30 days. This means that QuickWrite can build off of your input and be used for making your content better and tweaking it with humor etc.

The fact that he wrote back promptly and answered all my questions gives me confidence that QW’s tech support will be robust and responsive. That’s always a big plus!

IS Quick Write Just for Authors? No! Will AI Replace Me? No!

Quick Write takes on all kinds of writing tasks and also has a built-in AI graphic interface. On the writing side, the fact that it is built for writing gives it a huge leg up on creating the kind of content you usually need as an author, like character descriptions and plot outlines, but it also generates great marketing content and even business plans. The fact that it has dozens of pre-built modes for input means a user can skip all the work of figuring out how to “speak AI” in your input and jump right into getting a project finished faster. Like any AI writing tool, it does not generate great fiction, but it gives you some good stuff to work with, it “primes the pump” for you so YOU can come up with better ideas and be more creative, and it takes away the “blank page syndrome” that keeps you from getting started sometimes. Personally, I think its strengths lie in marketing content…something I really hate writing for myself!

Again for fun, I asked it to write the Meta version of this blog by only giving it the title. QW came up with this:

Quick Write is a popular writing tool that can help you write faster and more efficiently. But is it right for you? Discover the pros and cons in this article.

Then I told it to make what it wrote humorous, and it wrote this version:

“Quick Write: the writing tool that makes words flow faster than coffee through your veins. But is it all sunshine and rainbows? Let’s spill the beans.”

More than anything else, this illustrates for me the versatility of its AI abilities. If it can instantly convert blah text to something catchy and humorous.

What I Liked and What I Thought Needed Tweaking

The things I liked:

The home screen is clean and provides a space for saved projects so you can get back to them easily

The “Create a Project” button brings you to fiction/non-fiction, marketing, blogging, and even images. You choose one and then further refile the request with another pull down menu. It also provides a “Power Editor” for any writing task not on the pull down list.

I especially like the Blog Writing content that generates ideas, outlines, topic content—even the Meta Description for you

A large content editor window that accepts what content it has generated for you to then edit, format, save, and export. It makes it so much easier to make your edits right there within the program using an editing window similar to Word for the sake of familiarity. It is also nice that you can save your work and the program keeps track of your projects.

I like that it generates all types of writing needs with various pull down menus so you do not have to tell it in your query what type of writing you need. It is specifically targeted to all types of writing needs that would satisfy marketers, businesses, and non-fiction and fiction writers.

I love the marketing tag lines it produces…something I hate doing myself.

Quick Write also has an AI Image (Beta) program within it. You can choose stock photo/realistic, illustration, animation, or pencil sketch. I have mostly experimented with the photo realistic, which produces some excellent images, but not always what I asked for. I did not have as much success with the illustrations based on my input.

I liked that the pull down menus gave you examples of how to word your input.

It gives you an automatic word count in the upper corner. Love this feature!

I suspect the tech support will be good. When I wrote with a few questions, I got a very detailed response.

What I would like to see changed:

Response time for content is sometimes slow. But compared to ChatGPT which is often unavailable, it’s great.

I would like an easy way to erase everything in a window when I don’t want it and want to start something new.

I wish the content display window were longer so I could see more of it without scrolling or moving to the editor window.

I did have a spot of trouble exporting content to Word doc, because it requires that it be duplicated, then saved a certain way (.html and .doc). I would love an uncomplicated export process, but that being said, it could be non-tech savvy me simply having problems.


I can see QW (or other AI tools) taking the burden out of writing “routine” newsletters, blogs, or marketing copy by providing you with a first draft that you can edit to provide your personal style and voice. It certainly provides an excellent starting point for these tasks. How you use AI is up to you, but this program has so many built-in features that anticipate all types of writing tasks. I can easily see having it up on screen as my “writing assistant” ready at hand to help with any sort of problem that comes up.

Quick Write has a limited time lifetime access offer for $197. I would suggest checking out all the videos and investigating if this tool is right for you before the offer expires.


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