black horse with favorite horse hacks

Hate Wasting Money on Horse Products that Don’t Work? Read This…

black horse with favorite horse hacks

Horse Hacks, Snacks, and Tack: What’s Working for Me and My Horse

Every horse owner has experienced the frustration of purchasing a piece of equipment, a supplement, or other equine merchandise only to discover that the promised advantages of said product did NOT deliver.

We all hate to throw away our horse-budget dollars, so that’s why I’m sharing only POSITIVE experiences with items I’ve tried. Why only positive? Because every horse and person is different and I do not want to “trash” a product/service that may work quite well for someone else. Also, when I find a GREAT thing for my horse, I like to share!

Today’s Feature: Benefab (R) Therapeutic Products

According to Benefab Product’s official website,, their Mission Statement is to “help heal and relieve pain and soreness with increased mobility and reduced pain in three weeks, guaranteed.” The company was founded by Kat Chrysostom, who used the same technology that helped her heal after she sustained a major riding injury in 2011 that left her temporarily paralyzed.

The horse (human and dog) products use fabrics “infused with lead-free minerals that emit far-infrared wavelengths that are proven to increase blood circulation, dilate capillaries, and reduce inflammation. Benefab® products are designed to penetrate deeply into the treatment area for maximum results and pain relief.”

Yeah, But Do They Work?

Those are bold claims, so I was skeptical. When I spoke to other horse owners and the trainer at my barn who were using these products, specifically the Rejuvenate Smart Scrim and the Smart Poll Pad, I learned first-hand what kind of remarkable differences they had seen in their horse’s comfort, flexibility, and even attitude. My horse suffers from back soreness along with other issues, so I was keen to try something that she could wear on her “down time” to help alleviate any pain and increase blood flow to troubled areas. It has only been a little over two weeks since I’ve employed the smart scrim and poll pad, but I have observed that she is more comfortable. What’s more, nearly everyone in my barn has purchased the Smart Scrim, no matter the age or condition of the horse, and has noted physical improvement in their horses.

A Company that Stands By Its Products Gets My Money Every Time!

I purchased Benefab’s Quick Wraps to keep the swelling down and provide support for my mare’s hind legs, but over the course of the winter, she made a few tears in the outside lining of the wraps in one area. After I went on line to research what could be done, I was astounded to see Benefab honors its warranty to repair any of  its products up to 18 months at no charge! This is unheard of in the horse world! I cleaned my wraps and shipped them off for repair. Here’s the amazing part: Benefab NOT ONLY repaired the outside portion of the wraps but also sent me another NEW PAIR for free. Now that is a company I will stand by and feel good about giving them my hard-earned money.

repaired and new horse wraps
Repaired and new Benefab Quick Wraps
tear in horse wraps
Tears in outer lining of Quick Wraps (before wash and repair)









What would you like to see reviewed? What are your experiences with any of these products? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments! 


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