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Author Spotlight – “Inspirational With an Edge!” (TM)

Pamela S. Thibodeaux, Author and Rule-breaker

When I first ran across Pamela’s tagline “Inspirational With an Edge,” (TM) I wanted to learn more. Some authors of “sweet” or “clean romance” will shy away from uncomfortable social situations, bad language, and edgy topics in their stories (arguably by doing so they run the risk of losing a sense of relevancy and realism). So when I heard Pamela is willing to break a lot of the rules and tropes of her genre, I wanted to learn more.

I asked her to respond to a few questions in order to give potential readers a better idea of what her books are like and to give you a taste for the Christian/Inspirational genre. Also, I noticed a lot of her stories center around animals, so that’s always a plus!

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Added disclaimer: I have not read books of the authors highlighted here, so readers please conduct your own research prior to purchasing.

NOW, on with the interview! Welcome, Pamela!

Since my blog/brand is centered around “Horses, Hope, and Healing” I try to keep to that general theme. I see you write Christian/Inspirational stories and was wondering if you have a particular book or series that is more animal focused? 

Thank you SO much for hosting me! I know your blog/brand is centered around “Horses, Hope, and Healing” and find that so fascinating as most of my books feature horses in them. My (6 part) Tempered series and spin off novella, Lori’s Redemption are contemporary Cowboy/Western romances set in Bandera, TX. The heroine in my Women’s Fiction novel, Circles of Fate, owns a horse (in the 2nd part of the book). My Heart Weeps is set on a guest ranch in Utopia, TX, which means there are horses and hayrides included in this story. My novella, Keri’s Christmas Wish features a heavenly horse and I contributed to an anthology, Horse of My Heart; Stories of the Horses we Love, published by Revell.

That certainly sounds like a lot of horses featured in your books! Now if you could describe what you write, and whether you have a favorite character or scene, and why?

I write what some would call Edgy Christian romance and women’s fiction as well as creative non-fiction.

Picking a favorite character is easy, Alex Broussard from my novel, The Visionary, because he reminds me of my (now deceased) husband…. “oodles and oodles of charm and charisma by the case.”

In fact, Alex’s original name was Terry (same as my husband) but when I acquired an agent he said too many characters started with the letter T (main characters are M/F twins Taylor and Trevor). So, after a lengthy conversation with him (the character not my husband as he’d passed away before I contracted with the agent) we agreed on Alex.

Am I the only one who actually talks to her characters and listens for their responses? LOL!

You certainly are not the only one who talks and listens to their characters. 🙂 So tell me what makes your books stand out from others in the same genre? 

My tagline is “Inspirational with an Edge!” ™ because although written from a Christian viewpoint, I don’t adhere to the strict guidelines of the Christian Booksellers Association (CBA). My characters may curse (not all the time and no Fbombs!) or fight or do other things not allowed in a typical Christian novel.

In fact, one reviewer said of my work…. “steamier and grittier than the typical novel without decreasing the message” and another said… “Although undeniably Christian, it is never dogmatic or insular — she offers faith rather than religion.”

Even with these wonderful reviews of my work, I must say mine are not better than other Christian fiction books, only different.

Do you have a message you hope to convey in your books? 

I always try to convey that with God all things are possible and work together for our good and that no matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, HE loves you and the awesome power of HIS love can forgive the worst of sins and heal the most wounded of souls.

What is your favorite animal memory or story? 

Oh, my I have so many! But my favorite animal memory is how God blessed me with my last dog, Cassie. My husband and I had lost our Rat Terrier, Princess in 2004 and we talked of getting another, I’d say that I wanted a German Shepherd. “Not a bulky ‘cop’ dog but a slick, slender female.” One day, two and a half years later, I headed out to walk at the mall across the street from my house when I heard a still, small voice telling me to “go to the track” (we lived about 3 blocks from the high school). When I arrived, I saw my dream dog running free in the field. I took her home with me and called my husband. That afternoon when I got home from work, he informed me he knew who the owners were and that they had left her tied to a fence during Hurricane Rita in 2005. I was furious! But alas, we had to take her home. When we arrived and I knocked on the door to see if their animal was missing the lady blew a gasket…. “That darn dog! If I knew someone who would give her a good home, I’d give her away!”

She became mine from that day forward until she crossed the rainbow bridge a few years ago at the age of 14.

Isn’t it amazing how God works? ☺

You can find this story in The Dog Next Door And Other Stories of the Dogs We Love anthology on Amazon.

That is an amazing story and she was one lucky pup. So, what’s next for you…what new series or projects do you have planned? 

Right now, I’m editing a novella for publication within the next few months and writing a book about women prayer warriors titled Women of the 9th Circle.

Thanks so much for your time, Pamela. Read on for more information on how to get in touch with Pamela and where to find her books:

Author bio: Award-winning author, Pamela S. Thibodeaux is the Co-Founder and a lifetime member of Bayou Writers Group in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Find out more about Pam and her writing by visiting her website. Find all of her books on Amazon. Sign up to receive Pam’s newsletter and get access to a free short story!

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Pamela S. Thibodeaux, author


  1. Loved the interview, ladies. And Pam, one of my favorite Bible verse cards, which I keep on my desk, is that With God, all things are possible. I also liked what that one reviewer you quoted said–that your message offers “faith not religion.” Continued best!

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