HORSE GODS in the Spotlight

Inspirational with an Edge

I was thrilled to have award-winning author Pamela S Thibodeaux host me on her blog, as well as Goodreads and other social media. Pamela writes “Inspirational with an Edge,” which really speaks to me. She has written both romance fiction as well as creative non-fiction and her works are described as “steamier and grittier than the typical Christian novel without decreasing the message.” That’s important because I believe writers must be realistic in portraying the messed up world around us in order to make the uplifting message hold more weight and have value. If we only blow sunshine up the reader’s skirt, we risk losing our credibility.

Inspirational, Uplifting…but How if it Deals with Tough Social Issues?

Some readers claim fiction can’t be classified “Christian” or “Inspirational” if it features a less than perfect main character or does not end with all bad guys punished and a hero redeemed. I say although there’s a place for all sorts of stories, I prefer ones that portray real people full of faults, making mistakes, and sometimes hurting or disappointing others. The main character in HORSE GODS, Regina Hamilton, makes her share of terrible decisions. But by the end of the story, it leaves the reader with the sense that things are going to work out okay (I hope).

I would love to hear others’ opinions on whether they like their inspiration or happy ending with a bit of “grit, steam, or trauma” along the way. 

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