horse receives magnswave treatment

Hope Springs Eternal

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The First Day of Spring, the First Ray of Hope

The first day of spring often brings renewed hope for a better future. People get a mood lift when they get outside, especially these days after a winter of pandemic-induced isolation.

Hope is a powerful emotion. It keeps us lifted up, expecting something good even when all evidence may indicate otherwise. Hope is good. It is the gentle current that keeps us moving along past the rocks in the stream. But sometimes it is difficult to hope. Sometimes it feels dangerous. The higher hope lifts us, the more we worry about dropping into disappointment.

But I foolishly refuse to let go of hope.

The past summer my horse exhibited signs that something was troubling her and was subsequently diagnosed with kissing spine and a probable back injury. For more details about the symptoms and diagnostics, see the earlier post My Aching Back. 

Since then, I launched into a course of treatment that included core strengthening exercises, stretches, use of a heating pad and a Draper Therapies cooler with celliant before and after work, along with weekly Magnawave treatments.  My mare, Lucida, showed improvement, but it was gradual. I also purchased an Equicore Concepts equiband system and started using the abdominal band at the walk for a short period. After a few sessions I noticed a change in her frame. She was walking with her poll up, her hind legs more under her, and rounding. In order to avoid fatigue, I only used it a short time at walk and removed the band for further training. As she develops more core strength, I believe she will experience greater relief from back problems. I was willing to try any and all methods in order to restore her health and comfort.

horse receives magnswave treatment
Lucida loves her magnswave treatments. Jackie Savoye, the “Magna Lady” is wonderful.

Hope’s Reward

Today, on the first day of Spring, I rode her and was so encouraged by her improvement. I am not sure what has made the biggest difference, but I am so grateful to have my horse feeling better again I intend to keep up with the program. Spring is here. Dare I hope to go to a show this year?



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