light - hope - pandemic - illumination

In 2021 Will Life Return to Normal?

light - hope - pandemic - illumination
The One Bright Spot – photo by Colin Behrens (Pixabay)

I Hope You’re Not Disappointed…

It’s New Year’s Eve. I know a lot of people are anxious to turn the calendar and bid good riddance to the year 2020. It has been one for the record books. But as we look forward with renewed hope for a return to normality, I worry that people may be disappointed when it does not happen soon after the change in the calendar year. Unfortunately, the virus does not know that this is a new year. It does not know that we are all expecting a fresh start, renewed hope, and have high expectations for good fortune (for a change)! Not to be a Debbie Downer, but I believe people need to temper their expectations and search out goodness, hope, and comfort where they can find it now, without peering into a distant future in search of it.

Don’t Get Me Wrong, 2020 Sucked!

Was the year 2020 all bad? (I see you shaking your head, “What? Are you crazy? Of course, it was!) I agree, but I challenge everyone to think of some good things that may have come out of this experience. No, I am not a Pollyanna who always implores people to look on the bright side of life (cue Monty Python’s Life of Brian). But I do think it is worthwhile to look at what we have learned as individuals, a society, and as a global community.

There’s Light in the Darkness

Glance back at the picture of all the lightbulbs. Most of them are dark. There is one, however, that is casting light and it illuminates all the rest. The light has not gone out of this world because of the pandemic. In the midst of this terrible darkness (and indeed I feel great compassion for those who have lost loved ones, lost jobs, are suffering economic disaster and crushing loneliness and isolation…the list goes on), there is still light. For all the terrible stories, I also see people taking incredible risks to help others. I see people coming out on balconies to make music or cheer medical workers on so we are not alone. I have seen stories of small businesses and restaurants who have totally re-tooled their business model in ingenious ways in order to carry on. Behind the scenes, there are those who have toiled to develop a vaccine, or worked unbelievable hours to make deliveries (especially during the holidays!), or have stocked and manned food pantries so struggling families have meals for their kids. The illuminated lightbulbs are everywhere if you look for them. Even better, be one of them. 🙂

Will People Return to Normal? What’s Normal?

I wonder what normal will look like when we have the virus under control. Will people have changed as a result of surviving this pandemic? We have lived a much simpler life and stayed closer to home. We have gotten by with much less. Will that continue? Will we treasure the connection with our friends and relatives more? Afterward, will humans change their behavior in any significant way? The pandemic did not attack a specific race, nation, economic class, or gender. Granted, some have been more adversely affected than others, but it is a threat to all no matter your age, where you life, or bank balance. As we transition to a new year, I’m particularly interested in how we as human beings will adapt and change because of this universal, tragic experience. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Oh, and Happy New Year! Welcome, 2021! I pray we all enjoy a much brighter future!


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