cats - shelter - rescue - barn cats

What Possible Difference Can I Make?

cats - shelter - rescue - barn cats
Tristan & Isolde enjoying their new life

A Small Gesture to Some…

Like everyone else, I have been locked away for the last three months. And like everyone, I’ve been inundated with negative newsfeeds about business failures, sickness, violent protests, and all too often, death. To counter the oppressive down-turn of events and isolation, I looked for ways to help. I donated material to make masks since I can’t sew a stitch. I helped collect food for families in need and wrote cards to the residents of a nearby nursing home, unable to receive visitors. But it wasn’t enough. It feels like removing a thimble of water from the ocean of sorrows.

I’m Not a Hero, But I Want to Be

Medical personnel and essential workers are performing services every day, risking their health and that of their families, to keep the rest of us afloat. I wanted to do something to fight against the tide of fear, sadness, and loss. And in one small way, I did. A few weeks ago I adopted two cats who had run out of time at a shelter. According to their records, they had spent nearly a year waiting for someone to adopt them, locked up, and unwanted. You may think, what does adopting a cat have to do with stopping a pandemic? Nothing really, except to me. In my tiny corner of the world, it means I made a huge difference in improving or likely saving the lives of two creatures. To me, it is one small act in a big, seemingly hopeless mess of a world where I can do little to change it.

One Small Kindness, No Matter How Small

The cats received new names to go along with their new lives. Meet Tristan and Isolde. They are both shy, but affectionate and willing to give me a chance. Providing two homeless cats with a new life is almost meaningless stacked up against the greater troubles we face today but seeing these two forgotten and unwanted cats playing together, carefree and liberated, made that tiny gesture seem much larger. Do kindness where you can. Help where you can. No matter how small.

A Final Note

So many animals need a foster family to help them adjust when they do not thrive in a shelter or need financial support through sponsorship. There are so many out there who are overlooked because they are plain-looking, or a bit older, who would make ideal pets. If you have to be stuck at home, why not spend the time with a new four-legged friend? Tristan and Isolde came into my life via the wonderful work of an organization called  Barn Cat Buddies. You can visit their website or Facebook page to learn more.


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