Til Death Do Us Part: Preparing for Your Pet’s Future Without You

Set Aside Money for Support or Set Up Arrangements for End of Life With Dignity

A heartbreaking post about abandoned, forgotten horses from The Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue. Your horse, any horse, deserves better. Plan ahead now for your horse’s care in the event of an emergency.  By doing your research before you need it, you can find proper retirement accommodations, put aside money for the horse’s care in a type of trust, outlining your wishes in a will, or, when appropriate, set up plans to end the horse’s life with dignity. Dumped or abandoned old horses have no hope.  Read the post here from a rescuer who just couldn’t let another horse down.

Don’t Count on Your Relatives Loving Your Dog as Much as You Do

The same goes for your household pets. It’s always tough to think about after life planning such as wills and funeral arrangements, but as a responsible pet owner you really should have something in writing about your provisions for pets after you can no longer take care of them for any reason. Too many household pets are not taken in by close relatives, but rather are dumped at animals shelters. Often these pets are aged and less likely to be adopted. Here are some steps you could take called Providing for Your Pet’s Future, courtesy of Petfinder, to help ensure your pets will be cared for in unforeseen events.

Have the Tough Talk With Spouse, Family, Partner, and Yourself

It’s tough to have that talk with loved ones. They often don’t want to hear it!  It’s tough to think about not being around anymore. It’s tough to think some day you may not be able to care for you beloved horse, dog, or cat. So while you can, speak up for them now, because they have no voice to speak for themselves.

YOU are their voice



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